Frozen Review


” Let it go let  it go”Uhhh that song is so annoying and its from the movie Frozen. Frozen is a fantasy/ musical . THe main charaters are Elsa and Anna, Elsa has magical powers and sets and eternal winter and Anna, Christoph and Sphen try and save the villagers from freezing . So I did not like the movie because it wasnt very beliveible  and I strongly dislike cartoon and animation because in my opinion its pointless.

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blogging challenge


1.I normally wake up at 6:30 in the morning

2. I normally have toast or an egg sandwich

3.I get to school bye walking or riding my scooter

4.It takes me 2 minutes bye walking, and scootering it takes 50 seconds lunch at school is normally a meatball sandwich subjects are math, cursive writing so writing, science etc

7.we have art, music,gym

8.we have computer lab, Ipads, and chrome books


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leadership at hockey


You need to try and be a leader every wear especially hockey you try and show your coach you can make the team and be a leader

being a leader at hockey is not scoring the most points its having the will to try and stand up for your team

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How To Get More Visitors


What are you going to do get more visitors ? Well I’am going to post a link on my instagram about my blog and I will get a twitter account.  Maybe you can do the same thing. These apps you purchase on the app store.

My instagram is @loggypyear002.

Try these ideas.

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week 4 blogging challenge/My Rat Poem

michy your brown whiskers your blue and I will know you always love food. comment and subscribe like a boss

Michy your brown whiskers your blue and I will know you always love food. Please comment what you think ;)

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week 1 blogging challenge


Hi my names is Logan I live in Guelph Ontario Canada 2 of my favorite things to do is hockey and football. I play for the Guelph jr Grphons rep team and for football I play AAA for Guelph Bears. My three best friends are Aaron,Adam and Justin. I have 2 pet rats one name is Mich and the other ones name is Wiskers. I like going to school its really fun yyyyyyaaaaaaahhhhhhh.

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My Aboriginal Flag


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Our Olympian


this week an olympian came to our school. Her name was Becky Keller she played defence  for the women’s canadian national team shes one 3 gold medal’s and one silver in 4 olympic games the 2010 games the 2006 games 2002 games and the 1998 games.

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My Blog Summary


This year I got 11 comments 107 visitors. I stopped commenting on peoples blogs because when I commented on theres nobody commented  back

some of my visitors were from my home town Guelph but also from Cambridge,Oakville,New Zealend,Wellington, and lots more citys in southern ontario. Some widgets I used were cluster maps,calender,.

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The Abrams brothers


Today we went to the river run center we saw the Abrams brothers perform the are blue grass performers. the one brother plays the fiddle and the banjo, the other plays the guitar, the other brother plays the electric guitar and the chello and the final one plays the drums

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